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We are on The City and you are invited to join.  Grace has adopted this new communication and collaboration software as the primary means of communication outside our church walls.  It is important that you are part of The City site and join the groups applicable to you so you will receive all church communications relative to you and the groups you have joined.

The City is all about fulfilling Grace's mission to...

  • WELCOME people into the community of Grace, 
  • NURTURE disciples who live in faith, 
  • EQUIP witnesses who share the Gospel and 
  • SEND ministers who serve in love.

As we improve our communications with each other we in turn improve the effectiveness of our ministries fulfilling our mission.  Please join The City and spread the word about this new form of communication.

I know what you are thinking... this sounds nice and all but I still don't understand what The City is all about, what I would do with it or why I should really join. Here are some FAQs and video resources to help you learn the basics of The City.  Take a look and then request an invitation to join The City.

It's easy to join The City.  As of September 25th, all congregation members with a valid email address on file has been invited to join The City via an emailed invitation.  If you have not received an invitation and want to join The City now then go to gracelutheranchurch.onthecity.org and click the "Need an account?" link at the bottom of the page.  That will take you to a registration page that will automatically send you an invitation you can use to join immediately.  You can also Send an email to a City Administrator requesting an invitation.  Your City account will be tied to the email address you provide or will default to the email address on file in the church office.  All City accounts must have a unique email address per person so each member of the family must have their own email address.  You must be 13 years of age or older to create an account.  The COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) law prohibits inviting children under 13 to social media sites.

After joining the City, please read the News topics for more information about using The City.  As you use The City you will begin to see the potential of this software and understand what all the excitement is about.

So much of what The City is all about revolves around groups.  When you join The City, you have really joined the parent group "Grace Lutheran Church".  There are many groups with Grace and we will have a City group for each one.  This might be committee groups (i.e. Parish Life Committee), service groups (i.e. Worship Assistants or Hunger Outreach), leadership groups (i.e. Council), common interest groups (i.e. Seniors @ Grace), etc.  Please accept invitations to join additional groups and actively participate.  This is what will make The City successful at Grace. 

Here is a video about Joining Groups to help you understand the purpose of groups and how it is used to focus church communications only to those who would be interested.

Your friends are joining The City.  Visit The City Membership Stats page to review interesting statistics on City participants and a map showing geographically how we are spread out across our region.


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