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6:15pm Meal   

7:00pm Holden Evening Prayer with Brief Meditation (5-10min)

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Feb. 14 - Ash Wednesday “JUSTICE FOR ALL” -  Pastor Ken Gillikin

Sermon NOTES

Noon and 7:00 PM - Imposition of Ashes, Worship with Holy Communion



Feb. 21 - JUSTICE AMONG THE WAR TORN (Dr. Virginia Williams)

Dr. Virginia Williams - Professor of History; Director of the Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution Studies program; Director of the Individualized Studies program.  Dr. Williams is a professor of history at Winthrop and specializes in the history of U.S.-Latin American relations. Her current work focuses on 20th-century social movements in the United States and Latin America. She currently serves as the president of the Peace History Society, and she directs the Peace, Justice, & Conflict Resolution Studies program and the Individualized Studies program at Winthrop.  She is also the coordinator of the ecumenical outreach effort of the Syrian Work Group, Putting a Face on Syria. 

*Do Justice Project – Putting a Face on Syria Work Group

Putting a Face on Syria Poster [VIEW]  
See the list of events planned as part of the “Putting a Face on Syria” project to help Syrian children that are in refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon




Feb. 28 - JUSTICE AND RACE (Dr. Cynthia Roddey)

Dr. Cynthia Roddey – Dr. Roddey is an alumnus of Winthrop University (1967) and is Winthrop’s first African-American graduate student.  She is widely acknowledged as the first African-American woman to enroll at the university. She came to Winthrop in the summer of 1964 with two bachelor’s degrees from Johnson C. Smith University, where she worked as an assistant in the library.  Dr. Roddey earned her M.A.T. in library science at Winthrop.  She holds a doctorate in ministry. Today she serves as co-chair of Clinton College’s Department of Liberal Arts. She has worked in education – every grade from kindergarten through college level – for more than 30 years. 

*Do Justice Project – Racial Reconciliation Group

Race Relations [VIEW]  
In 1964, two women stepped onto Winthrop University's campus and into history as the school's first African American students. Fifty years later, Cynthia Plair Roddey and Delores Johnson Hurt, look back on their experience. This is their story.



March 7 - Lenoir - Rhyne University A cappella Choir (50-60 minute program)   


March 14 - JUSTICE IN EDUCATION (Dr. Margaret Gillikin)

Dr. Margaret Gillikin - Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education; Director of Social Studies Education; Director of Community-Based Learning.  Department of History and in Social Studies Education.  She has taught in public schools in North and South Carolina, at Cleveland Community College in Shelby, NC, and in Tiffin, Ohio, at Tiffin University, and Heidelberg University.  Her research focuses on race and immigration in the Atlantic World during the Age of Revolution.  She has published “Competing Loyalties:  Nationality, Church Governance, and the Development of an American Catholic Identity” in Early American Studies. Her teaching interests include African American History, the American South, religion in America, and the Age of Revolution.  

*Do Justice Project – Ebenezer Elementary Partnership

-- Read this November 2017 news article describing how after 24 years of court battles, a landmark school equity lawsuit aimed at improving education opportunities in the state’s poorest, rural schools has been dismissed. The S.C. Supreme Court closed the case in a 3-2 order, praising state lawmakers for responding in “good faith” to the court’s 2014 mandate to find ways to fix South Carolina’s failing public schools.





March 21 - JUSTICE IN GENDER - Pastor Rebecca Lord-Phillips 

*Do Justice Project - TBA  

Justice and Gender [READ]


The recently published Draft Social Statement on Women and Justice by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA):







*Each topic includes a “Do Justice Project” inviting the congregation to participate in a project that makes a difference related to the subject matter.

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R E S O U R C E S  &  L I N K S

 Lenten Devotions at Grace


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During Lent, share devotional time daily as a family:

 other type of devotions will be available on a table in the Fellowship Hall labeled “Lenten Devotions:” 

  • A creative visual art devotion called A Sanctified Art- to see sample click HERE
  • Family/Children Sticker Centerpiece devotions; and
  • “Mercy, Passion & Joy: Reflections on the Writings of C.S. Lewis.”  

Other helpful links   

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES THAT CAN LIVEN YOUR LENTEN DEVOTION CHECK OUT THIS RESOURCE that includes: Fasting and Feasting During LentLenten Ideas for ChildrenLenten Ideas for AdultsOur Family Lenten PledgeScriptures for LentA Guide to Prayer (Children’s Prayer Experiences; Praying with Scripture, Praying the Psalms); Scripture Meditation; and A Lenten Calendar


FIND A HOST OF LENTEN RESOURCES TO INFORM AND GUIDE YOUR DEVOTION [HERE].  AN EXCELLENT RESOURCE FROM A JESUIT-CATHOLIC SOURCE that includes:  Background info on Ash Wednesday, Living Lent Daily, Arts and Faith-Lent (each of the topical headings include an artistic reflection using historic paintings), Holy Week, Activities, Perspectives, Prayers and Retreats, Seven Last Words of Jesus, Stations of the Cross, and Recommended Books.   





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