Monthy Meetings: 2nd Sunday, 7:00 p.m.

The Congregation Council has general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation. Four Council members are elected each year for three year terms that expire on December 31st.


Brian Beer
Sarah Johnson
Nora Sliney
Larry Winsch


Chris Cassidy
John Grogan
Craig Ketner
Karen Warmoth


Bob Corbett
Adele Evans
Floyd Ritchie
Walker Stockley


Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the congregation is held in November on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Others are scheduled as needed.

Congregational Officers

  • President: John Grogan
  • Vice President: Karen Warmoth
  • Secretary: Chris Cassidy
  • Treasurer: Jean Winsch
  • Assistant Treasurer: Ruth Wasserman
  • Financial Secretary: Bob Stonebraker
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