The Worship Committee sees that the worship services of this congregation are conducted regularly and in accordance with Lutheran tradition and teaching. They supervise, train and support all worship assistants. They support and oversee the music ministries of the congregation. They provide for the use and care of all paraments, altarware, vestments, materials, and decoration used in worship. They plan special services, encourage congregational participation and study issues related to the worship ministry.


The Learning Committee plans and provides for a variety of learning opportunities within the congregation. They support and develop various schools and classes, provide appropriate resources, train and support teachers and staff, and motivate members of the congregation to participate in life-long learning activities. They maintain a library of resources and promote its use. Working in conjunction with the Pastor, they also provide for a comprehensive Confirmation ministry.


The Outreach Committee extends the ministry of the congregation into the community and the world by encouraging the members of Christ’s body to participate in ministries of compassion and benevolence by serving those persons who have special needs. They plan programs of social ministry and support ongoing service ministry activities. They support and oversee the evangelism efforts of the congregation, and motivate members of the congregation to be witnesses for Christ in their daily lives.

Parish Life

The Parish Life Committee provides for programs and activities which support fellowship in the congregation. They support and develop various groups and recreational programs. They also plan occasional celebrations and special events. Youth Ministry is also incorporated under the Parish Life committee, and is led by our Director of Youth and Family Ministries, Virginia McLean.


The Nursery Committee oversees the care of our youngest members and guests. They supervise and support our paid and volunteer nursery workers, promote the use of the nursery, and see to it that the nurseries are safe and well supplied.  They work with the Director of Youth and Family Ministries to administer the congregation’s Child Protection Policy and to make sure that all staff and volunteers who work with children are meeting the policy’s guidelines.


The Property Committee maintains and protects the property of the congregation. They oversee the maintenance of the building and grounds, the repair and replacement of equipment and furnishings, and the use and maintenance of the church vehicles.


The Technology committee reviews current technology usage within the church, making recommendations to the pastor and finance committee as to changes or improvements that might need to be made.


The Finance Committee manages the financial resources of the congregation and motivates the members in their commitment of time, talents and treasures. They provide for the tabulating and deposit of contributions, the prompt payment of obligations and the timely reporting of financial transactions. They prepare an annual budget proposal for submission to the Congregation Council. They secure adequate property and liability insurance and provide for an annual audit of the congregations financial records. The committee conducts an annual campaign to encourage and receive pledges of financial support for the ministry of this congregation.


The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers of the congregation, the pastor and one additional member of the Congregation Council. They are responsible for planning Council work, evaluating and supporting staff, and nominating members to serve on ad hoc committees and task forces established by Council action. They also nominate members to serve as chairpersons for each standing committee each year.


The Endowment Committee is responsible for managing the Extended Ministry Endowment Fund of the congregation.  This endowment was established to provide a vehicle for receive bequests and other significant gifts to the congregation.  The committee is charged with investing the fund and disbursing income in the form of grants to ministries beyond the normal operating budget of the congregation.  They also promote contributions to the fund and educate members about issues related to end of life planning.

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry Committee supports and guides the congregation's ministry with Lutheran students at Winthrop University on behalf of the SC Synod and the ELCA. They oversee the use of funding which is provided through the South Carolina Synod and maintain a relationship with the synod Campus Ministry Committee. They support staff in their ministry with students and provide several special events for students during the school year.

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